Lake J Day Two!

So far, our trip has been pretty exceptional. We have some pretty amazing young people.

Yesterday, our white water rafting trip was a blast. There were a few youngsters who were fairly nervous before we set out but about 10 minutes or so into the trip they relaxed and started having a blast. A few of the leaders might have initiated a splash war – don’t worry, everyone held their own! Some fun stories to come of certain adult leaders getting tossed out of the raft!! The leaders have all commented that we don’t remember having this much fun with our group in a while.

Last night, in worship we talked about God using the unexpected person for pretty great things and in our family groups we dug a little deeper into what baptism is all about.

We do have to point out that our kids are pretty exceptionally well behaved. We have the second largest group here this week and we’ve sensed that our group has been leaders in more way than one way.

Parents, thanks for lending us your kids this week!

– Jessica (Yessica), Matthew (MattMan), Joyce (J Mamma) and Bob (Bobbert)

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