Lake J Day 3!

Here we go at the beginning of day three here at the lake!

Yesterday, we enjoyed a mission afternoon (after morning worship and lunch) at the Black Mountain Home for Children. The home was started in the early 20th century as a place for at risk, abandoned, abused and mistreated youngsters. Today, many of their residents come to them via the court system. We were blessed to assist their one grounds keeper with his 90 acre job. This place is a dream – absolutely beautiful. Nestled in the mountains, the residents enjoy an amazing view, great facilities and residence halls, playgrounds, animals, and more.

We assisted with weed pulling, furniture moving, trail maintenance, burn piles, and even playground removal. We even found time for some fun team building exercises (see pic).

Last night we had a great worship experience as we remembered our baptism. Our kids are totally diggin’ it!

Pray for our adults – the busy schedule is wearing on some of us. These kids have an endless supply of energy!

P.S. We love you like a chicken. (If you want to know what THAT means, ask a kid!)

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