Clarksdale, MS Mission Trip

The state of Mississippi saw multiple rounds of torrential rains that fell continuously from March 9th through March 15th of 2016. Floodwaters damaged homes and businesses, and closed many primary and secondary roads across the state. One of the hardest hit areas was Clarksdale, MS. The area received 7 to 14 inches of flood water damaging 400-500 homes. First UMC sent a team of six volunteers to Clarksdale. We worked three days on a home that had been gutted and sprayed for mold, but no other work had yet been done. We met Brenda, the home owner, who is an assistant principal at one of the local schools. She had purchased insulation and dry wall which was available when we arrived to work. Our task was to insulate the outside walls and hang drywall. We were able to provide Brenda hope in the realization that she would be back in her home soon. Another team from a Methodist Church was coming from Oxford, MS, in mid-November followed by a team of Mennonites to continue work on Brenda’s house. There are many homes like Brenda’s that have not had any work done at all. First UMC of Henderson appreciates the opportunity to provide some hope for Brenda.