First UMC in Concert: Haydn’s “The Creation”

The Creation FlyerComposer Joseph Haydn’s epic oratorio depicting the creation story of Genesis chapter 1 will be performed April 7, 3:30PM, at First United Methodist Church.


The Creation, written between 1796 and 1798 and believed to be inspired by Handel’s Messiah, will be performed by First UMC’s 30-voice Cantata Choir accompanied by a 40-piece orchestra comprised of local professional musicians and directed by Matthew D. Vanover, director of Music Ministries.


Featured soloists at the 3:30 p.m. concert will include Melanie Bacaling, soprano; Dr. Gregory Rike, tenor ; Patrick Ritsch, baritone; Jessica Vanover, soprano; and Mike Nation, baritone.


The concert is free and open to the public.


With The Creation, Haydn set out to write a grand musical depiction of the opening chapter of the Holy Bible. From the opening orchestral movement depicting the void and barren pre-creation world to soaring soprano melodies, from joyful movements depicting the creation of plant life to illustrious musical depictions of the first sunrise, this marvelous work includes musical textures that are sure to excite the listener.


For more information, contact Matthew Vanover at 270.827.9831 or 

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