Sunday School, 9:45-10:30AM


Allen Class: (Older adults, young at heart)

Focus: A timeline from creation through the New Testament

Room 223/Dane Shields


The Beacon Class (Adults with special needs)

Room 134/Pat Workins


Colonial Faithfuls (Colonial Assisted Living residents)

Focus: Scripture-centered

Sundays at 2:00 pm at Colonial Assisted Living facility


Friendly Susannah Wesley Class (Older ladies)

Focus: Scripture-centered

Room 127/Maggie McClure


Hosbach Too Class (30’s–50’s)

Focus: Scripture-centered

Room B-1/Member rotation


Open Door Class (50’s-70’s)

Focus: Texts by contemporary theologians

Room 221/David Latham


Open View Class (30’s-70’s)

Focus: Biblical individuals and scripture

Room 227/Lin Shannon


Study of Scripture (SOS) Class (20’s-40’s)

Focus: Scripture-centered

Room 123/K.T. Williams & Julie Beickman


Wesley Fellowship Class (70’s+)

Focus: International Bible Lesson

Room 121/Shirley Moore


Whitmer/Hosbach Class (40’s+)

Room 225/David Cohron



Preschool (3, 4, & Pre-K)

Room 230

Contact: Stacy Powell


Kindergarten & 1st Grade       Room 226

Contact: Stacy Powell


2nd & 3rd Grades

Room 228

Contact: Stacy Powell


4th & 5th Grades

Room 224

Contact: Stacy Powell


Junior & Senior High

(6th – 12th grades)

Room 201

Contact: Pastor Jim